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Assessments/Tax Reductions
In accordance to Title 54, New Jersey State Law

Assessment/Appeal Protection


The N.J. Supreme Court held that the Freeze Act is triggered not only by judgments on merits, but by judgments based on settlements. The High Court noted that upon a settlement of an appeal, the Freeze Act may be invoked at the exclusive option of the taxpayer, but not at the option of the municipality. Although the municipality has no authority to waive application of the Freeze Act, it can negotiate with the taxpayer who would agree to waive the Freeze Act as a condition for settlement.

The basic meaning of the Freeze Act is that the municipality cannot raise your assessment except for major improvements on your property or if the municipality goes through a revaluation or reassessment. Normal fixing up and repairing is not considered.

The purpose of this law is to prevent a district from harassing a taxpayer by forcing him to appeal every year.

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