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Assessments/Tax Reductions
In accordance to Title 54, New Jersey State Law


A. Property Tax Assessment Service was established in 1991. We employ CTAS (Certified Tax Assessors), reducing municipal assessments/property taxes, economically by applying chapter 123, title 54, laws of taxation.

A. 97%, when assessment is incorrect.

A. Yes, if no reduction in your assessment occurs, your filing fee is returned.

A. Until your town goes through a revaluation/reassessment. On average it’s between 7 – 10 years, could be within a 3 year period.

A. It will probably become one of the best financial decisions, according to generally accepted accounting practices. Your first years saving is multiplied by 13.25 to give you an approximate savings for 10 years, (includes interest, over-payment and average tax rate increases in that 10 year period).
Yearly savings of $350.00 x 13.25 would be $4,637.50

$500.00 –> $6,625.00
$1000.00 –> $13,250.00
$2000.00 –> $26,500.00

A. Service is our strongest asset. All service calls are answered by a state trained assessor guiding you through each step of the process.

A. Your assessor has the presumption of correctness on his/her side. The burden of proof falls on the homeowner.

A. No. Assessments can only increase upon major improvements to your property. Normal maintenance cannot raise your assessed value. Ie: replacing a roof, floors, cabinets, counters, windows or any normal fixing up and repairing.

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